Tim Beyne

I am a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven, in the COSIC group. I defended my PhD thesis `A geometric approach to symmetric-key cryptanalysis’ in June 2023. My promotor was Vincent Rijmen. Contact information:


My main research program is the development of the geometric approach to symmetric-key cryptanalysis. Specifically, I am actively working on the following topics related to the geometric approach:
  • Applications of quasidifferential trails.
  • Ultrametric integral cryptanalysis.
  • Combinatorial theory of cryptanalysis.

Information-theoretical cryptography

I occasionally work in information-theoretical cryptography (sometimes called "provable security"). My research interests in this area include:
  • Generic attacks on information-theoretical constructions.
  • Development of new proof techniques.
  • Design of new constructions (to a limited extent) .


I have worked on several other topics in cryptography, including
  • Applications of cryptanalysis to the theoretical analysis of side-channel countermeasures.
  • Cryptanalysis of unusual cryptographic primitives, such as the Legendre PRF.